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Elderberry syrup as a natural remedy for colds

Try These Natural Remedies for Common Health Concerns

Elderberry syrup as a natural remedy for colds

Natural living often takes time and energy. Sometimes it's simply easier to pop a few acetaminophen or grab the nearest aluminum-based deodorant. But in my quest to find healthier, more natural remedies, I'm frequently amazed by just how easy some natural solutions are to incorporate. Take for example the five situations below. If you run into any of them, go for the natural option. It's at least worth a try, right?

You have a headache.

I have several natural remedies to suggest! Before you reach for an over-the-counter fix, try reducing the tension by rubbing your temples or the bridge of your nose for a few minutes to get blood circulating throughout the brain and facial muscles. Also drink a glass or two of water to make sure the headache wasn't caused by dehydration. If that doesn't work, diffuse lavender, peppermint, or Frankincense essential oil to reduce the intensity of headaches. I especially like this roll-on from doTERRA. I just put some on my temples and across my hairline.

You feel a cold coming on.

Elderberry syrup is an amazing natural remedy! This amazing wonder not only tastes delicious, but it has worked each and every time I've felt less than 100 percent. In fact, throughout the winter I usually just take a sip of it every morning. I get mine from The Elderberry Lady, but wherever you are I'm sure there's someone making elderberry syrup at home and selling it locally.

You want a good deodorant, but without the aluminum.

I get it! I started making my own deodorant a few years ago, but then I discovered these wonderful Pit Putty organic deodorant creams from Bubble & Bee. The scents are amazing, the deodorant is super easy to apply, and it actually works (even on my husband!). There are currently several tubs gracing my bathroom counter. If you're thinking making the move to natural deodorant but want to know more, I provide more information about how to make the switch in this blog article.

You want to ditch chemicals from your household products.

Never underestimate the power of vinegar and baking soda to clean toilets, sinks, counters, floors, and more - they are an amazing natural cleaning remedy! Just make sure the surface you're cleaning doesn't get stripped by the vinegar, and to kill the scent just add rubbing alcohol and citrus-based oils like lemon or wild orange to the solution. 

Natural remedies for other aches, pains, or health issues. 

If you get to the point where you’re curious about essential oils and how to incorporate them into your routine, you’ll quickly find that the possibilities are limitless in the all-natural remedies available to you. It can feel kind of overwhelming at first and it takes a bit of research, but honestly, you’ll start to feel like a witch, brewing up bottles and vials of oil blends! If you're just starting out, this Essential Oils 101 post should be helpful.

That’s actually what I personally did when I was trying to find a solution to yeast infections: I started doing research, brewing things up in my kitchen, and, after some trial and error, came up with my all natural feminine spray. In my experience, natural alternatives and home remedies tend to work better than their drugstore counterparts.

Once you start swapping out store-bought pharmaceuticals and cleaning products with natural home remedies, it gets easier. I promise! You may even start looking around your house to see what else you can convert into a more natural state of being. Stay natural!

And if the information in this article seemed useful, the article on Building Your Own Natural First Aid Kit goes into more detail about even more ways to naturally treat common health issues.


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