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Six Ways to Prep for Flu Season Naturally

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The dreaded flu rears its ugly head this time every year. Other than getting your flu shot, there plenty of steps you can take to prevent yourself from getting sick using natural solutions. Here are six simple ways to do it.

Up your vitamin intake

VItamin C is a powerful protector against the flu because of its ability to boost immunity (eating plenty of foods rich in vitamin C works too, like oranges and strawberries). Because sunlight is a bit rarer during these colder months, vitamin D3 (taken with K2 like you'll find here) is another powerhouse vitamin that can keep immunity levels strong. A multivitamin works great too. Just make sure you're taking them daily for an added boost.

Eat clean

Eating whole, unprocessed foods is important every day of the year, but it's especially crucial during flu season. It's a challenge for sure, with the holidays around the corner, but try using food as fuel and medicine. These foods are especially helpful if you're already feeling a cold brewing.

Stay active

Yes, it's colder and there's less sunlight available. But that shouldn't stop you from moving around. Activity is just as important—if not more so—in the fall and winter, when our bodies tend to automatically want to hibernate. Take brisk walks outside, or invest in some home equipment (check NextDoor to see if your neighbors are upgrading and selling their old equipment; I found myself a barely used stationary bike for just $30!).

Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is also especially important during flu season because water intake helps keep nasal passages from drying out. Moisture in the nose is crucial for preventing dust, bacteria, and other pollutants from entering the lungs. Getting out ahead of this by staying hydrated can help ward off a cold or the flu.

Invest in an air purifier

Humidity levels drop during colder months, which leads to dry air and ideal conditions for colds and flu. Dry air can exacerbate respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis and can cause dehydration, which can create a host of other immunity-sapping conditions. While a humidifier has traditionally been the go-to solution, an air purifier works better at both adding humidity to the air and preventing existing bacteria from being re-released into it. It's a worthwhile investment!

Take ACV daily

I cannot stress enough how useful apple cider vinegar is to the body. Not only does it kill harmful bacteria, but it also can help improve immunity, energy levels, and metabolism. I take 1-2 teaspoons every morning, diluted with water and a pinch of baking soda to cut the intensity, as a way to stay healthy all year round—naturally!


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