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Drink more water to kickstart your metabolism

Five Easy Tips to Kickstart Your Metabolism

Drink more water to kickstart your metabolism

Ah, to be 16 again. Back then, I could eat pretty much anything I wanted and my teenage metabolism would kick in. Fast forward to 40 as I contemplate what eating this or that will immediately do to my waistline. I’m not alone, of course. Our metabolism naturally slows down as we age—but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to reset your metabolism naturally to more efficiently burn calories throughout the day. A revved-up metabolism won’t happen overnight, but once it kicks in your body will thank you. 

Reboot your digestive system. 

I’m not talking about a detox cleanse here. It’s more about adding fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables to your diet while removing as much processed sugars and dairy as possible. This alone can help clean out your digestive tract (which can hold up to five extra pounds of waste!). Adding probiotics is a good idea too, since they bring good bacteria to the digestive tract.

Try intermittent fasting.  

This is somewhat of a misnomer because it’s not about fasting in the traditional sense. Instead of going days without solid foods, you’re simply choosing specific times of each day to refrain from eating. Because it involves reducing calories—as long as intermittent fasters don't overcompensate during non-fasting times—it's an effective weight-loss strategy that also naturally increases your metabolism. 

Drink enough water. 

Here it is again! I always stress the importance of drinking enough water, and research is on my side: Studies show that drinking water can recharge your metabolism in addition to providing a host of other health benefits. Better yet, add some lemon to it for an energy boost.

Limit toxins. 

It’s overwhelming to think how many toxic ingredients exist in the products we use and the foods we eat every day. Take baby steps here to limit your toxic load. Start by slowly eliminating processed foods, replacing chemical-laden cleaning products with natural ones, and switching to nontoxic beauty products, like Bona Dea's natural products. It’s good for your metabolism, your overall health, and the environment.

Move for your metabolism.  

Exercise becomes more important as we age, not only for metabolism but also for bone density, muscle mass—I could go on! But like I’ve said before, even low-impact exercises make a difference. Take a daily walk around your neighborhood or office to get the blood pumping and the calories burning. Try a yoga or Pilates class. Or search YouTube for the many, many free workouts available. Just move.

One caveat to this: As you incorporate these natural lifestyle changes into your life, remember to be kind to your body and be patient with yourself. Resetting your metabolism will take time, but the rewards are worth the wait. I promise!


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