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The Lowdown on Natural Sweeteners

Honey is a great natural sweetener
With global health agencies officially categorizing artificial sweeteners bad for your health, it's a great time to explore natural sugar alternatives—and possibly rethink our entire relationship with conventional sugar.

Try These Lifestyle Changes to Stay Positive

try walking outdoors to improve your mood
There are natural ways to boost mood and stay positive—even in today's uncertain times. If you're struggling to stay positive, try these 5 lifestyle tweaks to put a pep back in your step.

How Low-Calorie Dieting Sabotages Weight Loss

A low-calorie diet often doesn't work

It should make sense that the less you eat, the less you weigh—right? But talk to any nutritionist, and they'll tell you that's not the case. So why does diet culture set us up for failure by telling us to reduce our calories in order to shrink our waistlines?

Six Ways to Balance Hormones Naturally

protein and healthy fats help balance hormones naturally
When your hormones get out of whack, it can affect everything from your emotional to your physical health. Here’s how I balance my hormone levels naturally as possible.

Five Signs Your Body Needs a Detox

Bulldog slumped on floor
If you can't shake a bad mood or don't feel like yourself, a system reboot may be all you need. Here are five signs you may be headed for a full-body detox.

Five Easy Tips to Kickstart Your Metabolism

Drink more water to kickstart your metabolism

Our metabolism naturally slows down as we age—but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to reset your metabolism naturally to more efficiently burn calories throughout the day.

Five Simple Strategies to Balance pH Levels

eat healthy whole foods to balance ph levels
Just like most things in life, having a balanced pH is all about constantly juggling the good and bad –— and ideally getting more of the good. Here are five easy ways to do just that. 

5 Tips for a Healthy Colon

woman with hands at her abdomen
With new health guidelines recommending colorectal screenings for those 45 and older, now's a better time than ever to learn how to care for your colon so it can do its job well. Here's how you can combat illness in this essential organ.