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Five Signs Your Body Needs a Detox

As much as I feel it's the worst time of year to make changes (hello, failed New Year's resolutions!), it's also the perfect time to really listen to your body to see whether a detox is in order. When I say detox, I don't mean visiting a spa or buying an expensive three-week regimen of supplements; I mean cutting out the junk and rebooting the system in an effort to feel better in the new year.

The holidays can be a roller coaster. When the ride is over, it's time to truly assess how you feel. Are you sluggish? Exhausted? Irritable? Having trouble losing weight? If you can't shake a bad mood or don't feel like yourself, a system reboot may be all you need. Here are five signs you may be headed for a full-body detox.

You're eating too much sugar

Sure, it can feel pretty unavoidable during the holidays. But if you're eating more sugar than you normally do, you could be setting yourself up for an endless cycle of cravings and crashes—not to mention yeast-related issues. To combat this, replace sweet-tooth confections with their whole-fruit counterparts once the holidays are over.

You're always tired

A buildup of toxins related to stress or poor eating habits can result in adrenal fatigue. This also becomes a seemingly never-ending cycle of exhaustion, so you never really feel energized and your mind feels like it's in a constant state of fogginess. Rebooting your system should result in increased energy levels.

Your hormones are out of balance

This can manifest itself in the form of a yeast infection or urinary tract infection (UTI). It can also cause irritability and prevent you from losing weight. The culprit is likely inflammation caused by a poor diet, which can be remedied by replacing junk food with healthier options.

Your skin is breaking out

Skin issues that pop up out of nowhere—anything from a breakout to a full-blown rash—are often caused by toxin buildup. Skin conditions can also be linked to autoimmune and digestive issues. Try these six superfoods for healthier skin and a natural cleansing of the system.

Your sleep patterns are off

If you're having trouble sleeping or frequently wake up in the middle of the night, it could be a sign that there are too many toxins floating around your body. Try turning off all electronics before bed, going to bed earlier, and aiming for eight solid hours each night.

As I covered in my last post, it's important to take baby steps. Don't try these strategies all at once or you may be setting yourself up for failure. Instead, try one at a time, and be patient in the knowledge that you are resetting your system at your own pace.

Not sure where to begin? Check out this list of detox strategies so you can live naturally in the new year!

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