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Essential Oils 101: Getting Started

bottles of different essential oils

Essential Oils. We'll all heard of them but what are they even used for? Can you ingest them, or just diffuse them? So many questions. Here I give you answers to some of the most commonly asked questions essential oil newbies have.

Is it BV or a Yeast Infection?

An open zipper to suggest the female genitalia
Got an itch, some discharge, and an unfamiliar odor? It’s likely one of two culprits: a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis (BV). Luckily there are ways to determine which it is — and natural remedies to prevent and treat both.

Five Essential Oils for Women’s Health

essential oil bottles amongst citrus fruits and spices
Essential oils have been used by women for centuries to treat many different health conditions. Here are the top five when it comes to positively impacting women's health.

The Story Behind Bona Dea Naturals

Bona Dea Naturals Feminine Spray cartons
The owner of Bona Dea Naturals shares her story of a lifelong struggle with yeast infections and her quest to find an effective, natural solution with her feminine spray.

New Bona Dea Naturals Product Photography!

Bona Dea Naturals products
This may not be something that y'all will get excited about but after being in the trenches for the last 4 years figuring out sales tax and making freight orders and late nights hand-labeling bottles, paying someone to actually create professional product photography feels like a luxury. And I think they look fabulous! 

New 4oz bottle from Bona Dea Naturals!

4oz dropper bottle
Meant as a refill option for the 2oz spray bottle, it can also be purchased without having ever ordered the spray if you prefer to apply the product by hand. With a price of $23.99 (+ free shipping), hopefully this size variation becomes a more economical choice for customers who regularly use Bona Dea Naturals feminine oil.