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avocados can help with vaginal dryness

Foods to Eat to Keep Your Vagina Happy

avocados can help with vaginal dryness

There are foods that help keep your heart in tip-top shape, ones that keep sodium levels in check, and ones that help regulate cholesterol. So why wouldn't there be foods that help keep your vagina happy and healthy too?

Luckily, there are! The good news about these foods is that they're just all-around good for you. They help keep your vagina healthy—producing what it needs to function properly, stay lubricated and regular, and fend off infection—but they're also amazing for overall health.

Vagina happy food #1: Cranberries

While tart and somewhat polarizing (it's either a food you love or hate), cranberries provide not only antioxidants but also compounds that help fight off vaginal bacterial infections. They're also a go-to home-based solution to prevent and treat urinary tract infections

Vagina happy food #2: Yogurt

Less polarizing but still a love-it-or-hate-it food, yogurt is loaded with probiotics and good bacteria to maintain pH levels throughout the body, including the vagina's pH. It's just one of many probiotic-rich foods that can help with this, so if you don't like yogurt or you're lactose intolerant you can also try kombucha, sauerkraut, or other fermented foods to get the same effect.

Vagina happy food #3: Pumpkin seeds 

Not only are these delicious little seeds loaded with nutrients, but they also help balance the body's pH levels—and they can be added to almost anything: yogurt, salads, stir fry, granola, or alone as a snack. They're heart healthy too, and just like almonds they can help regulate your menstrual cycle naturally.

Vagina happy food #4: Avocados

Another heart-healthy, good-fat food is avocados. If you don't enjoy eating them solo, add one to a salad or drop one in a smoothie (you won't even taste it, I promise!). When ingested, they also act as a natural vaginal lubricator, along with soy and flax seeds.

Vagina happy food #5: Sweet potatoes

Loaded with vitamin A—which helps strengthen uterine and vaginal walls—these tasty antioxidant-rich taters also produce the hormones necessary to improve fertility and energy levels.

Vagina happy food #6: Dark chocolate

Yay! There's a sweet treat that can keep those lady bits happy and healthy. Dark chocolate has proven to have a host of health benefits, which from a vaginal health perspective includes better overall sexual function and an increased libido. Bonus: Because it has high levels of magnesium, dark chocolate also can help relieve menstrual cramps.

Foods to avoid

Just like there are foods to eat for optimal vaginal health, there are also ones to avoid. No shock here, but it's ideal to avoid alcohol, which can disrupt the body's functions on many levels. It's also good to steer clear of processed foods and meats, as well as high-sugar foods (or foods with added sugar in them).

While you don't have to eat these foods all the time, it's important to keep them in your regular diet rotation. Your vagina will thank you!


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