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8 Foods Shaped Like the Organs They Support

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Did you know there are certain foods that naturally help to protect the body? Did you also know that these foods are shaped EXACTLY like the organs they support? How cool is that?! Here's a sampling.

Walnut = brain

Crack open a full shelled walnut, and you'll see a mini replica of the human brain. Walnuts help develop more than 3 dozen of the brain's neurotransmitters to keep it sharp and are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which helps improve brain function.

Almond = eye

Almonds not only resemble the human eye, but they also help protect it. Loaded with vitamin E—essential for healthy eyes, hair, and skin—they also are an excellent source of selenium, an antioxidant that slows the aging process; and monounsaturated fat, which can help lower cholesterol levels.

Sweet potato = pancreas

The sweet potato and the pancreas have the same exact shape, and they work together to balance the body's glucose levels. The pancreas' job is to break down food in the stomach and produce insulin so glucose levels are regulated, while sweet potatoes—rich in vitamins A and C—can help further regulate these levels and balance the body's glycemic index.

Red wine = blood

There's plenty of evidence to suggest that a daily glass of blood-red wine does the body good. In this case, it can help reduce blood clots due to its blood-thinning properties, which consequently can also help prevent strokes and heart attacks.

Avocado = uterus

I mentioned in a recent post that there are foods to keep your vagina happy, but avocado looks like the uterus and is an excellent source of folic acid, which can reduce chances for cervical dysplasia (which typically develops in the uterus). It's also helpful for balancing hormones and preventing some cervical cancers.

Celery = bones

Celery, long thought to be a pointless vegetable, looks just like AND is good for your bones. It has the same amount of sodium as your bones (23 percent), and it's a good source of silicon, which keeps them healthy and strong.

Onion = cells

Think back to high school biology on this one, where you looked at cells under a microscope. They resembled onions, right? Onions act as the body's natural cleaning system, clearing waste from cells—including your eyes as you tear up while slicing one.

Tomato = heart

The chambers of the heart look very much like the chambers you'll find in a tomato, but the link doesn't end there. Tomatoes have lycopene, which can improve heart health and lower the chances of developing heart disease.

The list goes on, with broccoli resembling cancer cells it routinely kills, ginseng root looking like a human body and protecting almost every part of it, strawberries resembling human teeth and working to whiten them naturally with malic acid, ginger twinning with the stomach and aiding in digestion, grapes looking like the lung's alveoli and reducing asthma symptoms, and kidney beans mirroring their namesake and aiding in their function.

It's amazing how much nature and our bodies are connected!

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